Dear college students,

The semester is coming to an end. You have two things left to do and two things only.

  1. Ace your exams.
  2. Go home

Now that we have that prioritized let’s make a plan. 

Exams: To ace your exams you need to study, and you need to put as much time as you can into learning the material your instructors and professors have been attempting to teach you. It is time to prove to them, your family and yourself that what they do matters and that you care about your future more than anyone else, it is your life, take control.

Go home: Ideally you would just walk out of class and walk home like in high school. Unfortunately, you are most likely a lot farther from home now and you have your belongings that you need to care for over the summer. You need your flight booked, your dorm room empty, and your bag packed to take home.

First, decide what you are going to take home, you don’t want to pack up your dorm room items into boxes and then realize that you packed away your summer reading or your electronic toothbrush. After you’ve separated the things you will be keeping with you over the summer until you return in three months, its time to pack your dorm room for the summer.

Now no matter how you choose to store your things, you need boxes. Don’t try to pack with trash bags or laundry baskets, just get the box, its worth it to protect your things. Get extra boxes and sell them to your neighbors that thought they could cheap out and now need a box. After you’ve gotten the boxes, tape, and bubble wrap for your electronics and giant poster of Gucci Mane, its time to pack. 


- Make sure your boxes aren’t too big to carry and will fit through your door!

- Don’t store things that will spill like liquid soap or detergent., they will ruin your things

Lets say you have three boxes worth, fill each boxes bottom with something soft like your mattress topper, a pillow or two, or a blanket. After you’ve created a soft bottom you can add things like your fan, books, and magazines on top. 

For the larger items that won't fit in your boxes you can either discard them or wrap them up in bubble wrap and tape. 

Now for the storing part of your items… You can now rent a truck, and a storage unit, but I recommend Dormbox, they provide you with all the boxes, tape, bubble wrap you need or want without you having to leave the library. Seriously, everything is dropped off at your dorm room door. Easy as Uber. A service like this can cost as little as $60 a month, a storage unit alone will cost at least $80/month and you still have to buy your packing supplies, pay for a truck or borrow one from a friend, load all your items into that truck, and then unload your things at the storage unit.. and please, don’t lose that key!

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