End of Spring Semester

The end of the spring semester is the most important time for every college student. It's time for
exams. This is the time when everything you learned comes together and prove that
you know the material you have been studying. Some classes require you to write a huge essay,
some will be 100 question tests, others will be a combination of both, but no matter what
you have no time to do anything but study and eat, preferably at the same time if you want to
get any sleep.
Topping off your exams is the fact that you may have to move out of your room on the same day,
some students have classes that run late and are already out of their dorm by the time they
take that last test. This is the reason why Dormbox exists. Dormbox is made to help students not
have anything extra to worry about during the highest stress moment in their college experience.

We eliminate you having to shop for boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and other supplies to pack your
belongings. We also eliminate the stress of figuring out where you are going to put those boxes
once they are packed! We also eliminate the student having to do any physical activity(aside
from opening the door for the moving guys). When the student returns, the boxes return. It is
as easy as ordering pizza. Saving you time, money, and relieving stress for everyone involved.

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