Three ways to store your dorm room for the summer

Summer is coming, exams are approaching and its time to pack your bags for the summer. The only issue is what are you going to do with all your belongings over the summer? Hopefully a friend lives nearby that will store all of your belongings in their basement or a garage. Maybe you can pack your car and drive everything back with you home and keep it all with you for the summer. But if you are flying, live on the 2nd floor, don’t live nearby or have a friend that does, these options are not very logistically sound. 

Below I will list your options from the cheapest to the most expensive way to take care of your things over the summer. Some require no lifting, some require you do all the lifting. I think the best choice is obvious.

Option one: 

Hire a moving company geared towards students. 

$180 and up for the summer

Don’t look for a regular moving company and get scammed into paying high prices for 6 guys to come with a big rig truck expecting to move your drum set, armoire and freezer. Use a student tailored company like DORMBOX for the best prices. They are basically the uber of moving companies. You will share a space with other students and thus you will be splitting the cost and those savings are passed down to you. They do have a minimum of $60 a month but they only charge you for the items you store and nothing else. There is no maximum to the amount of things you can store. You also get free tape, boxes, bubble wrap, a sharpie to mark your items, and free  pick up and drop off of your items at no additional cost. 

Option two:


$257 and up

The portable storage and moving company will deliver a SMARTBOX storage unit to a student’s campus dorm building. All students have to do is load the unit themselves, and SMARTBOX will pick up the storage unit and deliver it to a storage center. To make it easy, the storage service allows college students to pay a one-time bundled fee for everything at the very beginning. Each unit is 8x7x5 and can hold up to 3,000 pounds of belongings. For three months it will cost you $207 to store your items. Add an additional $50 to buy your boxes and packing supplies like tape.

Option three: 

Storage Unit Rental 

$630 and up for the summer + 

A storage unit will cost about $120 a month and up depending on the size of the unit, and you still have to do all the work getting your things stored. You might also have to rent a truck if you don’t have one. After all the taxes and miles are tacked on this will add up to at least $100, and then you have to get another truck at the end of summer which brings your truck rental total to at least $200 for the summer. At least you’ll be fit for next semester after doing all that lifting. Add an additional $50 to buy your boxes and packing supplies like tape.

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Always employ certified movers because they have skills and experience to pack all households and other expensive items perfectly in special boxes which give full protection to your goods throughout moving.



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